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The effect of the writer's strike, and other stuff

It meant I watched more movies, read some books, etc.

First, a shame the writers strike didn't hit when some ninny decided to remake KNIGHT RIDER, which I'm watching right now, which is pretty much a travesty of the old NBC series. First, KITT sounds so droll and boring that, yawn, geez, well, yawn. Michael Tracer (new name) is a guy who beds two women at once, owes $90K to someone for something and well, wow, sure ain't the Michael Hasselhoff character. While I realize the Hollywood folk want to sex up the show, make it more 'edgy', I just go 'eeeeuuuuuu.' The car's pretty, but that's about it. I think the girl in the car who has been cringing and screaming for the last five minutes does cartoon voiceovers. At least she sounds familiar.

Meanwhile, I caught PAN'S LABRYINTH on cable. Wow, now that was an interesting flick. I don't see too many subtitled movies and it's interesting to watch as foreign films can be so... oh, foreign... compared to U.S. films. The fantasty of the labryinth world as opposed to the nastiness of the war going on was incredible, and the violence was stark. I do remember a review about the movie years ago in which they talked about the violence. I cringed when the one guy's face got smashed in - repeatedly. But, definitely an excellent flick with very good actors. And then watched a bunch of sappy Valetine's/romance movies over the last couple weeks, mostly on Lifetime. They're just fun to watch. 

Read the horror novel THE LOCH, about the Loch Ness monster, of course. Penned by Steve Alten (who also wrote MEG, which I haven't read, about a huge man-eating shark) drew in a nice selection of the area into the story (so if you knew nothing about the Loch Ness area before, you'll know a lot by the time you're done with the book). And it's hard to find books with man-eating critters, besides vampires, nowadays. Ah, the good old day sof big critters eating the hapless human-folk ;)

But now TV is coming back to life, but.... dind't really miss it. Stargate Atlantis is about the only show I actually plan to watch 'live.' I like the CSIs but tape them half the time. Once SGA ends, I guess that means some stuff will be back on the air so I can watch that (and NBC is re-purposing PSYCH and MONK to their network in March, so since I didn't watch them as they're against SGA, I can watch them now) :) I'm avoiding the reality/game shows. Whowever said there would be 500 channels and nothing to watch was sure correct!

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