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Paul McGillion talks about Stargate Atlantis and Star Trek movie (3 articles)

Wow, Paul McGillion's gotten a lot of press today! Here are excerpts to three articles thus far, and there's another that hopefully will be out shortly. I'll stick 'em under the cut for size....

TREKMOVIE.COM - February 22, 2008



Last September TrekMovie.com first broke the news that Stargate Atlantis actor Paul McGillion auditioned for the role of Scotty in the new Star Trek. Later after it Simon Pegg got the job we were happy to report that Paul still did get a different (albeit smaller) role in the film. This week Paul talked to TrekMovie.com about his audition and his time on the new Star Trek as well as his impending return to Stargate. \

TrekMovie.com: When your character was written off of Stargate Atantis during the 3rd season, it sparked a fan campaign, something well-known to Trekkies. What was that like for you?

Paul McGillion: Overwhelming! It was crazy. When I initially started doing Stargate I was cast as a recurring character and I think the fan base were so behind Carson that the producers saw that in the first season so they made him a regular part of the show in the second season. I think a lot of that had to do with the fan response and so I am very grateful for that. I never fully grasped the magnitude of sci-fi fans until Stargate Atlantis. There was a rally for me at the studio in Los Angeles with hundreds of people in the pouring rain with a pipe band playing and a bunch of girls flashing Carson Beckett on their butts. It was flattering and overwhelming.

TrekMovie.com: So you attributed the campaign for being brought back again as a recurring character in seasons four and five?

Paul McGillion: I think the producers listen to the fans. Anyone who makes a show will pay attention to the fan base. They were getting inundated with letters and calls. People make changes in shows for dramatic effect and I understand that. I did the character for three seasons and they decided that it was time for the character to bow out and that is the way it goes in the business.


February 22, 2008


Niagara Falls Review
A Star's Trek: From Smallville to big sequel
by John Law

excerpt re the Trek movie...

But he does promise it'll be an amusing cameo for his fans.

He shares a scene with the new Capt. Kirk (Chris Pine), and his character doesn't die - meaning he could return for the inevitable sequels.

Even if he doesn't, McGillion is thrilled to be part of the hallowed sci-fi series.

"It's something I'll look back on and say, 'That was neat to be part of that.' It's like being in a 'Star Wars' movie or something ... even if you're in a little bit of it, it's a little part of history."


February 22, 2008


Fans Forced Actor's Return
by John Law


In 2004, he landed the part of Carson Beckett in the pilot episode of "Stargate Atlantis." His character - a medical officer who discovers a way for humans to interact with ancient Atlantis technology - proved so popular, he returned throughout the season and became a regular during seasons 2 and 3.

Attempting to shake up the storyline near the end of Season 3, Beckett was killed in the wrenching episode 'Sunday,' which aired last June.

"I said 'Thank you for the opportunity - I had a great time doing it.' At that time, I had done 50-something episodes of the character. That's how it works. That's how show business is."

But the outcry from fans convinced producers to bring him back for the Season 4 episode 'The Kindred - Part 1,' airing today in the U.S.

For the upcoming fifth season, McGillion has been confirmed for five episodes.

Supporters actually held a rally in the rain, complete with a pipe band, outside the production studio last March to save McGillion's character. It reaffirmed to him how committed sci-fi fans are to their shows.

"It's a really niche market and they're super, super loyal. I've met some interesting people and it's a really cool part of the business."


And we're still awaiting the results of the interview with Paul at http://craig-mcgill.com/

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