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MGM Video of Amanda Tapping on Stargate Atlantis set

MGM has put up a short video of Amanda Tapping and Jerry Penacoli (from EXTRA!, the infotainment show) on the set of Stargate Atlantis.

Amanda Tapping shows ‘Genii Jerry’ Penacoli the control room – the ‘epicenter.’ – of Atlantis. 


Amanda explains about ‘things.’

“Need a new extension cord!” exclaims Amanda.

“Do you know how many fans would like to be this close?” asks Jerry.

Don’t think Jack would approve if someone grabbed Sam’s, er, posterior ;)

Leads Jerry to the ‘seat of power’ – her office.

“I’ve cleared my desk for you,” laughs Amanda.

Amanda explains that normally she has a laptop, etc. but the crew clear it away at the end of the day.

Jerry: “They’re afraid you might walk away with the props?”

Amanda: “I wouldn’t, me personally. You might.”

Jerry says if things were to happen between Genii Jerry and Carter, would it be in her office?

“I guess it would make for some good sci-fi porn.”

Look, you can see Amanda’s nose through his fingers...

END :)



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