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Craig McGill Paul McGillion interview: preview

 Author Craig McGill interviewed Paul McGillion last month, and on his blog at http://craig-mcgill.com/2008/02/19/heres-another-thing-a-little-different-paul-mcgilion-interview/#comments, he's posted some snippets to keep fans content until he posts the entire interview.

Anyhoo, thanks everyone for your questions. I hope these help your Paul fix until I can post up the interview:

No, Paul won’t be off to DragonCon this year. He normally does it every second year, but won’t be there this year.
So far the only convention he is firmed up for is on in Milton Keynes in May.
Paul said the best way to find out where he is going to be is through regular checks on his website.
As for what ones he goes to: “I’ve been incredibly lucky with the fans so I try to make sure that I get to see as many as possible to thank them for their support over the years - but sometimes you can’t get along because of filming or other work-related matters.”

“I’m delighted to be coming back and seeing everyone again - and I don’t know what’s planned for me past these five episodes, but I would like to think that I’m not getting killed off again.
“Take from that what you will.”

“Classics are called classics for a reason and shouldn’t be touched. Having said that, who wouldn’t want to be Steve McQueen in Bullitt? What an incredible film that was - and how cool was he in it?”

“The one that alway sticks in my mind was when I was to do a kissing scene with Rodney and there we were before the take and he just grabbed me and planted one on me. Totally took me by surprise and everyone got a big laugh out of it.
(laughing)”It’s quite worrying that I can’t shake that memory”

“I live in a really nice flat and he’s always called it that.
“As for children in my future, well let’s just wait and see. I’m single just now and have my fun.”

“Totally. They keep sending me underwear and phone numbers.”
(sorry folks, he didn’t say that. Just wanted to see if I could get anyone to splutter out their coffee)
What Paul did say was: “I could never see the fans as a burden or a problem.
“As an actor, you want people to appreciate the work that you do, so how could I ever moan about people getting so engaged in the characters I play - it’s a compliment to me and to the people who write/create the characters.
“Meeting with fans is a joy as well because they show you what they think of the character and their take can sometimes be totally different from yours.
“There’s also another point of view that shows - from a business perspective - that I have an audience and a fanbase.
“But no, fans will never be a burden to me. I’m flattered that they take the time and spend the money to enjoy my work.”

“I was obviously shocked and surprised at it, but I quickly realised that I should be grateful for the time I had instead of being bitter - I made some wonderful friends - both actors and fans.;
“I’m not trying to sound too humble or anything, but I did realise that instead of being annoyed, angry or bitter, I should look for the positive.
“Lots of actors have never even had the chance, so how could I moan after three years?”

“At the moment I’m concentrating on the Atlantis episodes and then it’s into Pilot season, so we’ll see what comes up.
“I’m also going to seeing about getting more work in the UK and Europe when I am over in May.
“I’ve love to be in Doctor Who or Torchwood. I don’t think they’ll have a second Paisley boy in the role as the Doctor though - but I’m available for an audition if they want me.
“My rule is if a project interests me then I see what I can to be available for it.”

“My brother just became a doctor not long after I did - on Stargate - and I used to call him and ask him how to pronounce jargon and then when he finished his studies I said ‘well done, now there’s two doctors in the family’ and the response was ‘piss off!’.
“But yeah, they rip the mickey out of me all the time.”

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