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Stargate Atlantis "The Last Man" Spoiler review - "It's not such a wonderful life...."

I'll stick it all under the cut since I'll be spilling spoilers.

Stargate Atlantis #420
"The Last Man"

This was the science fiction version of IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE, sorta. It shows the impact of one man's life on everyone around him, and apparently, Sheppard made a heckuva lot of difference since the universe sorta went to hell in a handbasket without him around.

While the time travel "what might have been" scenario is used in shows that last long enough to use 'em, and are sort of derivative, if done well, they can be enjoyable. I found this one to be fun, mostly because of the great scenes with Sheppard and hologram McKay. The banter was there, and we got a teensy bit of whump when Sheppard struggled through the storm, then passed out on the floor. All covered in sand, although there didn't seem to be any in 'teh' hair. Hmmm....

It was sad that Michael just bumped off Teyla, but well, if he can exterminate entire populations, one measly Athosian is no problem. I think it was also a matter of casting that Rachel was just too far along to participate as well.

Ronon? Well, he went out like he'd want to go out. Killing as many of the enemy as possible in the process. His scenes with Todd were great, and now I expect (if it doesn't exist already) there will be "TodDex" fanfic ;) *cough*  Todd giving this long winded explanation of how he was going to disable the base, while Ronon says "I was gonna blow it up."  was priceless. 

Sam? She went out with style as well, and I think it will be debated who had the more 'noble' death, but both she and Ronon were face with insurmountable odds, and both decided to make their deaths count. While Sam's death was more pretty with SPX, Ronon's was more fun (well, not quite the word I'm searching for) due to the dialogue with Todd.

Lorne? Ha! He's in command. So funny.

Rodney. Wow, well, he finally got the girl, Keller, and it was sorta foregone conclusion she'd die of something. As soon as she coughed up blood, i went, Pegasus Galaxy bug! Ah, it was soooo sad watching standing in the hallway as Keller is creeping closer to death. I loved his crabby old hologram, which was just as egotistical as the original, and Rodney must have spent a LONG time creating the hologram to have that range of depth. Oh oh, and Jeannie. So nice to see her there, until she got fed up with his obsession.

Sheppard: I absolutely adored his look of near panic when he opens the outside door to find out that the beach has extended right up to the door ;) And squabbling with the Rodney hologram. I guess nothing is too weird to him anymore. And the whumper in me had fun watching him stumble through the sandstorm, only to collapse to the floor (and right through Rodney!). And he so loves to torment McKay, telling the man he had no hair in the future. Watch Ronon's eyes during that scene. He practically rolls them when McKay asks about his hair. Bwahahahah!

And then the cliffie at the end.... I realized at the commercial break that, wait, where's the exploding building? Oh wait, it's a cliffhanger, so the very few last minutes were absolutely no surprise. And they're not going to kill Shep or McKay (and Lorne sure as heck had better survive) because they must rescue Teyla in episode one of season five, which if Alex Levine's blog is correct, we'll see in the summer (but there's no scheduled date yet).

Overall, I quite enjoyed this episode. I think what made it best was I probably saw few spoilers on it (besides the ones Skiffy dumps in its ads). I'm not going spoiler free for season five, but am avoiding lots of intense chatter on it.


Quibbles: why did Sam, of all people, quibble about Sheppard's outlandish story? I mean, really, with all the time travel SG1 has done???

Where was Carson? 

Only eeeeuuuu moment. I am sorry, but that gray uniform SUCKS on Woolsey. Gray is not his color, not the stripes, not the cut, well, geez, if Woolsey is in a perpetually crappy mood, we can blame the suit ;) However, when those cast changes take place in season 5, I hope they remember that Sheppard already heard an AU version of Woolsey taking over and it would be nice to get a one sentence comment on it.

And I think that's it. It's been a very long day and I'm going to hit the sack.

And lastly, lastly, okay, season 4 is over. Time for fanfiction!

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