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MGM Video: Joe Flanigan talks about Stargate Atlantis and his action figure, part 2 of 2

Continuation of photos from the previous post, of Joe Flanigan talking with Jerry Penacoli of EXTRA! about Stargate Atlantis.

So they created Sheppard to be more casual like that.

Joe looks a bit put out that Jerry doesn't think he's dramatic enough ;)

"I think the sense of humor keeps people more intereted. I don't think you can survive being in deadly earnest for long in a science fiction show."

Joe talks about the pros and cons of working in Vancouver.

He says he can focus more on material.

But there are negatives as well...

Joe says he travels home every week to see the family.

“I think the kids miss me. My wife is like strangely happy. It’s very weird.”

Joe mimics a conversation with his wife… “Aren’t you due back in Atlantis now, Joe?” “It’s only Saturday, sweetie.” "Oh...."

Joe now talks about the Colonel John Sheppard action figure!

He says one of his sons sleeps with the action figure. His son puts his thumb in his mouth and the action figure up to his face.

“It’s called the daddy action figure.”

“He’s (son) got one finger up the left nostril, too,” says Joe.

“And the other action figure head going up this nostril.”

“I thought every dad should have their own action figure. So that actually has been the coolest part of the show. Having my own action figure.”


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