wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Night of the Zombie Bambi - part 2

I'll stick the description of Zombie Bambi's nocturnal movements below the cut, in case anybody's eating breakfast when they read this...

Well, it's rather creepy to think that while I was sacked out on the couch, exhausted, watching ARK OF TRUTH (not a bad movie), that wild coyotes were outside gnawing and dragging the carcass of the deceased deer all over the front yard. Disturbingly, it's getting closer to the front door. Eeeuuu.

Anyway, armed with two flashlights when I took the dog out for his nightly constitution (one flashlight just in case I had to fend off anything), I found that the deer, although dead and now about 1/4 of its former 100 or so pounds, had moved fifty feet across the lawn. It has also, for those who are offended by wide open red ribcages, now flipped over so that the good side (hair/fur) is showing. One front leg has been detached but is still next to the body, and wow, I guess nobody eats heads, and the eyes, despite vulture activity earlier in the day, remain untouched. Also, around 6:30pm when I got home, I spied what I think was a red-tailed hawk just lurking in a tree, but he eventually flew off. Also saw what I think was two buzzards (er, not vultures, we have buzzards) in the tree, but there were people walking dogs up and down the street, unaware of the carnage on our lawn.

I'm hoping tomorrow the deer will have moved into the field area and then, the bugs can get it. but it wouldn't surprise me if Zombie Bambi moves more tonight, as it did last night.

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