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Kate Hewlett in season 5 of Stargate Atlantis


‘MartoufLeTokra’ interviewed Kate Hewlett recently and here’s a snippet:

Q: What about the season five of Stargate Atlantis, have you been approached for a return on the show ? If you could choose, for you what would be the perfect scenario for your character to come back ?

Kate: Nothing is official yet, but it looks like I will be coming back to do an episode in Season Five (thank goodness!) My perfect scenario would be to come back as a regular, but I think that's wishful thinking on my part! I would love to get a chance to do some more action-based stuff, as well as some more of the fantastic banter between Meredith and Jeannie. Comedy is my favorite thing to act, so it would be great to get an opportunity to do some more of that. There are also lots of characters I would like to work with: Teyla, Keller, Beckett, etc. And I'd love to work with Erin Chambers if she ever comes back! She's nice. And that girl can stage fight!

The full interview is available here :
http://www.gateship-one.net/interviews.php?id=19 (French)
And on my other website:
http://www.davidhewlett-fr.com/interview/interview_Kate_Hewlett.php (English and French)
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