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Vulture Vision! Or Zombie Bambi's travel, part 3

This is gonna be brief, and to not offend the sensibilities of those who would prefer to pass on the nocturnal doings of a dead deer, sticking it under the cut...

Well, we'd planned to moving Bambi's remains to the back yard, the woodsy rarelyl trodd upon by mere mortals, er, humans, but then on Saturday morning,  I looked out the window. Wow, a turkey vulture. A BIG black turkey vulture was busy poking and ripping and tugging at the remains (which now consist of skull, spine, half the rib cage (as the rest had been chewn off) and one hind leg.)  I have binoculars so spent a while just watching the vulture trying to dismantle the bones and then walking off across the lawn to search for giblets.

So, the remains are still feeding the animal population outside and since you have to actually look for the remains, we're going to leave it for the time being - out own private Wild Kingdom Animal Planet Show. Plus we figure if we move the bones, the vultures might not come back for the scattered entrails, which fortunately are dwindling in size but well, I'd prefer those bloated black bits be gone.

And the other two legs, and pile of fur and ears, were untouched as of this morning, but I figure if something really wants them, they'll find them. Did notice this morning that the bones had totally changed position, and all the flesh/fur was taken off the lower leg and the hoof had been gnawed into. I was thinking the lower leg wasn't going to get touched, but I was mistaken. I'm still waiting to see if anybody cracks open the skull, but I've seen deer skull in rivers, etc. and the skulls are usually intact. Bugs might eat brains but I think raccoons, etc. are just passing on that organ.

I might post some pictures but if I do, yes, there will be plenty of warnings, or maybe I'll just upload to Flickr (as there is a large roadkill contingent on that site, really) and point toward links...

But, this has been a fascinating CSI-type experience in seeing just how a carcass gets eaten down to nothing. And it's been six days now and the coyotes, vultures and whatnot have done a pretty good job, considering there's a road not far away and they get disturbed.

And that's it for now. :)
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