wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

*@!#&! Rodents!

You know, one good thing about an old car is that if someone scrapes it or dings it, you don't go ballistic. However, for some reason, my car attracts rodents. It's not like I leave crumbs or food in it - I don't - but a year or so ago, a mouse got into the vent system and DIED - talk about a stench. Stuck with it all summer cuz after one died and finally went away, ANOTHER took its place. When the maggots dripped out of the dashboard, it was time to take action. We got the glove compartment out but getting to the vent was impossible, so, needless to say, i'll get the glove compartment in again, er, some day. Meanwhile, the vent ejected a dead mouse (baby variety) so I suppose a family moved in and croaked. However, that seemed to be the end of the mouse invasion.

In Revenge of the Mouse part II, they are now eating my windshield wiper tube. You know how annoying it is to to hit the windshield wiper fluid and nothing comes out, but.. if you leave the door open, hey, the water squirts out between the door and the car body. Just ducky. So had to get that fixed, and along with a new muffler, oil pan and sigh, master brake cylinder, well, there went that idea of actually upgrading the PC. Blast.
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