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David Hewlett's STARCROSSED: various news links/articles

Figured since Sci Fi has greenlit the project, to start gathering, as it does sound inriguing. I loved A DOG'S BREAKFAST and hope that caustic wit translates over to this show :)




SciFi.com pushes into gaming and other new areas

26/03/2008 . Source: Jessica Martin


SCIFI Channel's SCIFI.COM is expanding its content to include stand-alone gaming and tech sites, original and scripted entertainment, a game center, and a social game experience.  2007 was a record-breaking year for SCIFI.COM averaging 3 million unique visitors per month.


"Our growing network of sites - starting with the incredibly successful launch of DVICE.COM and continuing next with gaming -- is designed to tap into our audience's insatiable appetite for technology, games and entertainment," Craig Engler, Senior Vice President of SCIFI.COM told SFcrowsnest.com. "Our young, online demographic wants to be entertained as well as informed, and our new blog-style sites will do just that. On the entertainment side we'll also have online original series, webisodes tied to our hit shows, a new casual game center, all kinds of streaming videos and much more that hits our key demo and grows our core audience."



In the tradition of The Larry Sanders Show, Starcrossed obliterates the fourth wall with its behind-the-scenes antics. Throwing in a bitter dose of Galaxy Quest cynicism for good measure, David Hewlett (Stargate Atlantis' "Dr. Rodney McKay") draws on his own experiences to pen this quirky Web series about life behind the camera at a long-running sci-fi space soap. Jane Loughman and John G. Lenic (Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis) serve as executive producers and Universal Media Studios is the production entity. (4th Quarter 2008)







March 2008 - Sci Fi is also buttressing its cyberspace presence with the fourth-quarter launch of a Web-exclusive series Starcrossed on Scifi.com. David Hewlett (Stargate Atlantis) penned the series that takes a comical look at life behind the camera at a long-running science-fiction space soap.






March 18 2008 – Also joining the site is Starcrossed, a Web-only series about the behind-the-scenes antics of a science-fiction space soap. The show is written by Stargate Atlantis’ David Hewlett and executive produced by Stargate Atlantis/SG-1’s Jane Loughman and John G. Lenic.






If you scroll down, you can find a nice photo from the “Starcrossed” series from A DOG’S BREAKFAST. Of course, it will change with the new series, but it’s a nice shot.






David Hewlett: Wagging the Long Tail – June 15 2007



The end result was a "good old-fashioned, family murder", in which Mars figures prominently. Hewlett plays Patrick - hapless, but happy with a life that revolves around his dog and the gentle torment of his little sister Marilyn. Then sis' brings home her new fiancé Ryan -- the "sky-jockey" heartthrob of sci-fi soap opera Starcrossed (in one of several affectionate winks to Stargate fans) -- and Patrick snaps….





David Hewlett: I’m with Genius (July 2007 interview)


But it's fantastic. It's opened up a lot of doors for us. It's one thing to say you want to make a film. It's another thing to be able to walk in and say: "There you go. Now, let's talk about this or that." We've got another film lined up for next year which should be kind of fun. I've been working on the Starcrossed series with NBC/Universal and SCI FI.

GW: How's that going?

DH: Really good! Really good. We've got a pilot script sorted out. They seem very happy with it. Yeah, apparently there was much giggling on the pilot, which is good.

GW: Will that be going into production any time soon?

DH: I don't know! Again, at this point it's sort of up in the air right now. We've passed the first hurdle, which is to get them to commission a pilot. They've been incredibly positive about it and very supportive and, unlike all the clichés in Hollywood, gave us incredibly good notes. We got notes on the first draft that were just fantastic.

And then that's it. They seemed to like it from there. So we'll just have to see what they plan on doing with it.






Jan 2007 - We have been dying to tell everyone about all the meetings and development schtuff, but we really couldn’t jump the gun. "Starcrossed" is SciFi’s series after all! Here’s how it all came about:


Way back at MGM’s wickedly cool 200th episode party we mentioned to one of the SciFi attendees that we had an idea for a series. They seemed interested, but before I could complete the idea and become the complete rabid schmooze weasel I longed to be, I was dragged off to embarrass myself in a “Behind-the-Hors D‘oeuvres” interview. If only I could use my rodent promoting skills for good! Luckily, Jane and John jumped in and launched into party pitch. The result was an invitation to pitch "Starcrossed" to the fine lads and ladies at SciFi! The problem was that I was in the final stretch of Atlantis, so a "free day" was hard to come by. We ended up having to wait for the end of shooting season three before heading down to do the serious series pitching. Finally, we got ourselves down to the SciFi offices in Universal City (I know Universal City! "We’re here to meet with SciFi, don’t you know" Weeee!) while we were down for the L.A. screening. They laughed at us, a great thing in this situation, and took us to then next stage - development!


So, I’m now hunkering down to write episode one of "Starcrossed"! We’re hoping to have a script in SciFi’s sweaty hands (I don’t actually know that they’re sweaty, but it’s got to warmer than Washington State, right?) by the end of February. Just in time for me to dive back into Atlantis and becoming again the man that made this all possible, Dr. Rodney McKay. Which reminds me – exercise! I’m going to be on camera again in just over a month! Stupid Jane and her stupid mince-pies…mince-stupid-pies ,yum!



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