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David Nykl's Beast of Bottomless Lake

 Ah, Sci Fi keeps showing crappy flicks like that Rock Monster movie (shouldn't the Galaxy Quest people sue??) but did find a few snippets on it...

 for one can't wait to see it. A good friend of mine has his fingers all over this movie, from writing to directing to acting, to all the little but vitally important jobs behind making a movie that you never hear about. You name it, he had a hand in it. There's a huge emotional investment/impetus behind this project and, knowing my friend, this movie won't be released unless/until it's of a certain quality. So it's sure to be an enjoyable flick. If you get a chance to see it, DO!

Kennedy is currently involved in post-production for the feature-length film The Beast of Bottomless Lake, an interpretation of Moby Dick filmed primarily in the Okanagan region of British Columbia.

Making big films on a small budget
And there is a preview of sorts of the song "More than Just a Woman" (it's an early mix still) from "The Beast of Bottomless Lake."
[There's an MP3 link at the bottom on the interview with Murray Gable, who wrote the above-mentioned song - interview starts at the 3 minute mark or so. Apparently they'd wanted to use a classic jazz piece but couldn't get the rights, so went with this song when contacted by the song writer.)

So, Moby Dick interpretations and jazz pieces??? Hmmmm....As long as the critter is moderately cute and Nykl doesn't get eaten...

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