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500 Channels and nothing to watch... + image editor question

 Sure seems that way. With Stargate Atlantis basically off the air until July (the 5pm ones don't count much for me as I work and am usually stuck in traffic when Shep and his team are fighting off Wraith). CSI is coming back, but the CSI: Miami episode was a bit transparent. And most shows won't debut their new episodes until April sometime, which meant I've watched a number of movies I wouldn't have bothered with, and have discovered the joys of the Food Channel (although the only shows I really like are the ones where they visit various diners and stuff around the country - like the place that makes deep-fried battered pickles). I'm pretty I've seen all the Law & Orders now; they play all the time!

I also let the TV run doing checkbook stuff. I think the Spike Channel show Most Amazing Videos is where they put all the footage of all the really stupid dense things that men (99%) do. The one I saw was 'dangers of the deep' in which people totally ill-equipped to go out surfing get trashed, or stupidly race a speed boat at 138mph and then crash. Lots of broken bones and they all survive, but only 1 out of 5 seems smart enough to go "okay, survived that, I'll quit while I'm ahead." The strangest thing, although maybe not anymore in this day and age, is that someone is always there with a video camera (maybe they were thinking Spike might pay for footage of people crashing on rocks, hmmm....) Anyway, the stupidest guy was the one who was hand-feeding a moray eel a hotdog. guess what appendage got bit off? Yup, his thumb, but lucky for him, they took a toe and replaced it and it worked. 

But, I found a channel that is now broadcasting Canadian shows, so late Saturdays are now fun! The show is ReGenesis, starring Peter Outerbridge, whom I've always liked (and for once, he doesn't die as he usually does in other stuff), followed by Cold Squad and then DaVinci's Inquest, so I let the DVR run and watch later. Don't know how long this has been playing but ReGeneis has four seasons, so hopefully I'll catch up eventually.

SciFi channel. Well, fortunately Doctor Who is coming back in one form or another in about two weeks, making Friday nights worth watching again! :) I've tried BSG several times but, nope, it doesn't click for me. Meanwhile, I don't know how they do it, but every week Skiffy finds worse and worse movies to air.
Meanwhile, is the freebie Photoshop Express decent? I just saw they rewrote a legal clause after being flooded witih complaints. But i was wondering.. I took a quick peek and it seemed to take a while to load; is regular photoshop (the er, smaller version) just as slow?
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