wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Poisoned and robbed, all in one day!

 The drawback to cleaning up the yard, especially when the leaves aren't out, meant I woke up this weekend scratching and went "crap, poison ivy." This is after donning my Wellies (Wellington boots), jeans, jean jacket, long sleeved shirt, leather gloves, yet I got a few spots on my face and one wrist. Grr, but I'm making headway hacking through Audrey's progeny, although it will be impossible to rid the yard of them (gotta keep some and hope for berries). As to being robbed, well, I put gas in the car. Good lord, $3.59!!! For regular, pump yourself. Highway robbery. Of course, I can't gripe a ton considering what folks overseas are paying. Aieee, damned commodities brokers. They're driving up all the prices!

Got to see the begininng of APOCALYPTO on cable, and I definitely recommend the movie as it's great. Not one to watch over and over again due to violence, but intriguing nonetheless. Caved in a moment of great weakness and bought the SEAHORSE DVD as it was on sale this week.

And gak, I was driving along on Saturday and something buzzed past my face: MOSQUITO! In April?!
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