wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Cablevision sucks

 Yes, this is a rant. Sensitive eyes or Cablevision employees should avert their eyes. Rant ahead.

Cablevision sucks. It blows, and all those other phrases.

In their infinite wisdom (and also a way to pad their bank account), they removed SciFi from the lineup unless you pay for their stupid "digital box." Yes, SciFi, along with several other channels, now require me to pay more than $15 a month (plus more taxes) if I want to get it on the upstairs TV. So, I'm going to downgrade their service, and check out dish. They charge an arm and a leg and then give me less? And they *said* they sent out a notice. Never got it. As Stan or whoever would say on SOUTH PARK, "Those bastards." Grrr....

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