July 2nd, 2006

shep B&W

Okay, I've got a live journal

I finally caved and got a LJ account. I have no idea what to do with it! Except, perhaps experiment, and post Stargate Atlantis fan fiction.

Guess I can start by saying, hey, I've got gen SGA fic at this site 

Wraithfodder's Lair

Big fan of the Sheppard-McKay snark/friendship and enjoy the other characters as well.

and, er, hmm, it's hot, muggy and thunderstorms are on their way here, maybe, which probably means no power, again... but hopefully not before The 4400 and Dead Zone air tonight.

Meanwhile, I'm pressing buttons here, buttons there, going 'ooh, link to another site' or uh, well, I haven't seen any mushroom clouds in the distance, so I'm not doing any damage yet ;)


shep B&W

Experimenting :)

Just playing with the formatting :)

And while I do this, I'm watching Dead Zone, which seems populated with Stargate folk... Halling from SGA's "Rising," one of those nasty Gou'ald's (the haughty one with the Triad/trial episode) and um, Major Reynolds (a not yet red-shirt Starage military guest star).
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Fiction Recommendation

Well, if I'm making three entries on the first day, there will probably be a dearth of posts in the next few days (well, July 4th is coming up).

Just wanted to recommend a fiction (gen, whump)


Nice long, meaty, emotionally satisfying piece of Stargate Atlantis fan fiction (which is really all I read nowadays, fanfic-wise, although if I find good Stargate SG-1, I won't sneeze at it).

Darn, had live journal less than two hours and already I'm thinking, I need more pictures!