July 4th, 2006

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I wanted a box type format, so I could separate posts (especially on the Friends page), so I kept fidding around. I could not bring myself to not have a photo on top, so managed that, and then got some column features I liked. Couldn't get the color scheme thing to work so fiddled myself by tweaking colors.

Too dark? Just right? I like the blue tones as they fit the photo.... Any comments?

Has anybody tried the Plus level? I see it has 15 pictures. I need more. This is more addictive than Crunchy Cheetoes...
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Poking around the web

Found this on one list, disseminated the info around to other boards/ lists, but what the heck, might as well add it here!


has transcripts of two articles that were in German, that are now in English, which came from Germany. The remarks from Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett are a scream.

One of the funniest quotes is when asked what Hewlett and McKay have in common...

David Hewlett: Obviously the same body and the gift of the gab. Apart from that I try to leave all the resemblances in the studio, because when I come home after work my girlfriend gives my five minutes to switch back to David Hewlett. After that I get death threats. Does this answer your question?
shep B&W

And nobody thought of this before??

In the news today, some scientist types did samples of floors at airport, citing that they might not be clean (no, duh!) and you could get cooties (or something similar)

The lab identified a mold from McCarron Airport in Las Vegas as trichophyston, which causes ringworm and favus, a nasty disease of the scalp. 

Ugh. Anyway, it's not a stretch that an air traveler wouldn't think of this. After all, you're standing in line, the guy in front of you has just been in the men's room, so you know where those shoes have been. I'm surprised that Monk can even step in an airport. 

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In the weird news department, Researchers at Indiana State University in Terre Haute tried a small experiment to test the effects of having kids play with heavier toys. They found that 10 children ages 6 to 8 burned more calories and had higher heart and breathing rates when they moved 3-pound toy blocks instead of unweighted blocks. 

I predict that next in the weird news department will be the lawsuits when little Billy drops the ordinary building block (which was perfectly safe to play with back in the 60s/70s) on his toe and mommy goes "I'm suing!"  What they need to do is... increase the weight of the TV remote as well as the mouse for the computer! ;)

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And in a totally unsubstantiated study conducted by my cat, some people spend way too much time on LiveJournal in the first few days they start up one ;)


News: Ultrasound to treat war wounds

The BBC news site is just chockful of great stuff like this:


reports  that
"The US military plans a portable device that uses focused sound waves to treat troops bleeding internally from wounds sustained on the battlefield.

Ultrasound can seal ruptured blood vessels deep within the body without the need for risky surgery. 

The device would first use ultrasound imaging technology, in particular "Doppler ultrasound", to locate internal bleeding. This employs a physical phenomenon known as the Doppler effect to look for a characteristic signature of bleeding vessels.

It would then deliver a focused beam of high-powered ultrasound to those sites in order to cauterise the damaged vessels.