August 8th, 2006

shep B&W

New Stargate Atlantis promo images!

Emedia is back uploading great spoiler promo shots from Stargate Atlantis. The latest batch is from "McKay and Mrs. Miller". Alas, SciFi seems to have skipped releasing promo shots from the Shep-centric episode "Common Ground." ARGH!!!

But, visit this site (and definitely bookmark it), for great hi-rez shots

The shots of Rodney are really rather funny in the above-mentioned episode.
shep B&W


And they're back!!! The BBC - - reports that the Mediterranean is on jellyfish alert. Huge swarms of the critters have invaded the coastal waters of some Spanish beaches, but  Sicily and North Africa are also reported to be badly affected. Meanwhile, the jellies are eating the sardines and herring. And in other pesty news, the cocoa pod borer moth was found in Asia, where 17% of the world's cocoa is produced. More at

No, I'm not obsessed with jellies, but I seem to find the neatest articles on 'em in the science pages on the web :)