August 13th, 2006

shep B&W

SGA Fic: "Arbitrary Choices" (1/1 - complete)

Did up a spoiler tag for "Progeny," from Rodney's point of view... Spoilers within!!

Title: Arbitrary Choices

Author: Wraithfodder

Rating: PG-13/T (for language, dark theme)

Category: Gen, angst (whump mentioned)

Spoilers: Season 3 episode “Progeny”

Disclaimer: The Stargate Atlantis characters as presented on the series belong to SciFi, Sony, and other registered copyright holders. No copyright infringement is meant or intended. I’m just borrowing the characters and having some fun. All original characters/story material are copyright to author. Please do not repost story elsewhere without permission of the author.


SUMMARY: Tag for “Progeny.” Disturbed by what the Asurans did to them, Rodney finds he’s not the only one who can’t sleep.


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