September 22nd, 2006

shep B&W

Stargate Atlantis - "The Return" part 1

I haven't posted much about the last several episodes, I guess, cuz I'm too busy just burning my tapes to nubs rewatching them. I LOVED "Common Ground" and "Phantoms," both great Shep whump episodes, and Rodney and his sister in 'McKay and Mrs. Miller". Whoa! Man, they got the sibling arguing down pat! :)

Meanwhile, I sit here now going ... now what? The SciFi channel is basically bereft of anything I NEED to see. Sure, I'll watch Eureka, check out Dr. Who (but admit, I have a big fondness for the last actor who played Who and the new guy just doesn't do much for me if the ads are any indication). But anyway... THE RETURN.

It rocked! It kicked ass! etc. etc. The ONLY thing I absolutely, positively detested was "To be continued." GRRRRRRRRRRRRR...................... I can't wait till the Canadian movie channel starts showing it as I will just *have* to get my paws on tapes, dvds, something, somehow!!!

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