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October 13th, 2006

Friday the 13th

Well, sure as heck wasn't good luck for Buffalo, NY. Turned on the boob tube and they're talkling two FEET of snow. ACK! IT's not even Halloween yet!

Other inane snippets gleaned off news before consumption of coffee which would make me think better... Madonna adopts a kid (TV reports goes "are oprhans the latest celebrity accessory?") which makes me think of Paris Hilton and her rotating pets (ah, doggie got too big? ditch it!). 

Well, I was thinking about checking out CBS's Smith, but it got axed in what, two weeks? Oh well. NBC killed KIDNAPPED, which I never got around to watching, but will replace it with MEDIUM, which I will watch. Of the programs, JERICHO is okay, but it seems very LOST-like and I don't know if that's going to hold my attention. However, the most fun show I've seen in a long time is ABC's UGLY BETTY, which is a scream (thanks to the Chicago Tribune for recommending it - I woudn't have bothered otherwise). I just realized, it's the ONLY show on ABC that I watch!

Was cringing at last night's CSI - it was good, but.... well, Greg gets the crap beaten out of him and it's night, yet by the time Sara arrives, the sun has risen. He's just lying there on the pavement like a corpse, but he's still alive. Where are the paramedics? ARGH! Big continuity error as the police dispatcher said backup would arrive in five minutes and come on, the cops would at least cover him with a blanket, not leaving him lying on the cold pavement for hours! Bangs head on keyboard in frustration. But, hey, at least I saw them use the bedrails on E.R. ;)

David Hewlett's busy updating his website. (www.dgeek.com) He's commenting on fan comments on his site ;)

Been trying to keep up with SGA fanfic.... following lots of WIPs. Just got finished with NotTasha's Among the Stars (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3174179/1/) which is a great Rodney whump / Shep angst piece with plot, excitements, explosions and more. 

Ack, gotta go to work.

New Stargate Atlantis promo shots

Rubs hands with glee!

http://sg-atlantis.emedian.net/  has put up some new Stargate Atlantis hi-rez shots.

Hard to believe, but we have received our first exclusive pictures for the third season of Stargate Atlantis. So you can find now 5 new Episode Stills for MISBEGOTTEN and 2 new ENSEMBLE Promotion Pictures at the gallery.


Ensemble shots


shep B&W

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