November 18th, 2006

shep B&W

Pterodactyl (David Nykl)

Yes! SciFi is finally repeating David Nykl's movie, Pterodactyl, which they showed just twice. Giant snake and bug movies repeat ad naseum, but I think they don't like giant flying prehistoric reptile flicks as much. So if you like those, or Dr. Zelenka, tune in.

7:00 PM, 2 hrs
Sat 11/25/2006
A paleontologist (Cameron Daddo) teams with a soldier (Coolio) to hunt prehistoric birds hatching near a Turkish volcano in this routine "Jurassic Park" retread. Kate: Amy Sloan. Angie: Mircea Monroe. Russell: David Nykl. Willis: Steve Braun.  Cast & Credits: Cameron Daddo, Amy Sloan, Coolio, George Calil, Ivo Cutzarida