December 3rd, 2006

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News on SGA season 2 DVD set (US)

Is the federal government behind its release?

I only ask this because, yet again, the season 2 DVD set of Stargate Atlantis, once said to be released in January 2007, is now pushed back to March 6, 2007. Crap, I'm not sure if I believe this is a firm date anymore. Sorta like, I'll believe this set is coming out when I have it clutched in my fingers! ;)

But, check out for the full details of episodes on each disc (well, the entire 2nd season) plus commentaries. I still don't why they've got SG1 folks doing commentary on SGA episodes. I don't recall SGA actors commenting on SG1.

Anyway, big thanks to the above site for keeping us poor fans informed.
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I went to Ikea this weekend.

For those who don't know, Ikea is the land of simple pine furniture, pseudo-futuristic lamps and $1.00 big cinammon buns which don't kill you with an overdose of sugar.

I went there looking for a rug, to protect the floor from the dog's paws during the wet winter months. I did manage to find a decent runner rug without latex attached to it, but once I got it home, I looked and went, er, uh, too white. I need a decent tan or better yet, brown. So, I'll return it next weekend and find something, and pick up a four pack of sticky buns :) I also picked up a nifty simple pine lamp for an end table. Most stores around here either have a really crappy selection of lamps, which are either cheap (in quality) or too pricey and too, well, yuppie-ish. I really got attached to their globe lamps but well, it doens't really fit in with the decor of the house. So, grabbed a lamp, a couple neat red bubble snow globes that look great in the kitchen, a stuffed dragon toy that the dog tried to sniff to death due to the scents on it (didn't help I had it on the front seat of the car next to the bag with the warm sticky bun).

Hopefully when I return the rug, I'll leave with just a rug, and now break down and get the KLAPPAR KROKODIL ( ) ....

And as you wind your way through their warehouse section, I just wander and sniff in the pine (I love pine) and then .... shudder.... right before check-out you must breach the holiday-ornament laden minefield. Yes, gold, silver, red, candles, globes, etc. etc. and I did manage to resist the first time through and then, after you check out, the sticky buns await :)