January 8th, 2007

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David Nykl & Paul McGillion on JAKE 2.0

Skiffy is busy showing long-dead series on Friday nights, instead of SGA (sigh sigh sigh) but at least in two of them, we can see some SGA actors...

8. Middleman 

DAVID NYKL (Vasily Koronkiewicz

 After the NSA intercepts a phone call, they assume Jake is the target of a dangerous Polish mercenary who has just arrived in D.C. and wants to steal a nanite project. It turns out that Jake is not the target - someone else on the team is.


11. Prince and the Revolution 


Jake goes back to college on a mission to protect an African prince from assassins hired by a rebel general; Kyle and Lou offer Jake a chance to walk away from government control by faking his death.





1/19         08:00pm             Middleman

1/26         09:00pm             Prince & The Revolution

2/19         03:00pm             Middleman

Guess I'll tune into a couple of JAKEs for old time's sake ;)