January 14th, 2007

Teyla - my eyes

MGM Interviews: RC Cooper and Brad Wright talk about SG1 movies and SGA - SPOILERS

Underneath the cut you'll find some transcript/details from the Brad Wright / RC Cooper interviewers MGM put up on their site. While MGM doesn't hide any spoilers, we'll hide 'em for spoilerphobes, not that this news won't be all over the net by tomorrow.

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MGM Interview: David Hewlett talks SGA, acting and friends (some spoilers)

I've done a transcript of sorts of DAVID HEWLETT's video over at MGM (http://stargatesg1.com/Interviews). The casting spoilers for two actors are pretty  much common knowledge, because the press has posted them, the actors' websites/lists talk of them. However, one episodic spoiler will be stuck way at the bottom of the post and warnings put up. The rest is pretty spoiler free, so enjoy the text under the cut.

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