January 25th, 2007

Worried Shep

Amanda Tapping talks about joining Stargate Atlantis

Got an email notice that Amanda Tapping has updated her site at http://www.amandatapping.com. It's got both good and sad news (family-wise) but also snippets on her joining the cast, which I've snipped out...

Amanda said "I am also joining the cast of Atlantis next year for 14 episodes!! I am delighted. I have been quoted as saying that "I am contractually obligated to the franchise for another year." This sounds incredibly cold. It's strange sometimes to see your words in print. I want to be on the record as saying that I am very excited about the move to Atlantis. I think it's a wonderful opportunity for the character of Carter and for me personally. I am also aware that some people are not thrilled with the idea. I can only say that I think it will be a nice fit. I know Atlantis is not my show and I intend to tread lightly on their boards. I have a huge amount of respect for the cast and crew and hope that I will add to the show and not take away from anyone. I have talked at great length with Joe and Paul. When they first pitched the idea to me, I was a little nervous. After talking to them I am convinced that this is a good move. They are very excited about show running Atlantis and I am sure their enthusiasm will be felt on screen. I will also be in the two SG-1 TV movies which are shooting in April and June. I am looking at a very busy and fulfilling year. Surprisingly, I will have a bit more time off this year to spend with my family as I am only scheduled for four days per episode on Atlantis. This is perfect for me. Olivia is an absolute wonder and Alan and I are enjoying this time immensely."
I dare say that most fans realize that Amanda is just taking a job offered her (and to which she's contractually obligated) ;) Anyway, most fans have trepidation over what the WRITERS will do. Seeing as how this was Joe Mallozzi's and Paul Mullie's idea, and how JM is currently er, well, baiting parts of fandom on his blog, one wonders just how Carter will be integrated into SGA. While she's enthused, I'm not terribly excited. I like Carter, but I fear we'll see Carter reducing McKay's IQ - as face it, whenever she's around, his IQ tends to go down and he acts stupid. Plus, what is Carter doing on Atlantis? For SG1 fans, this means that the SG1 team might bsaically be broken up again if she's going to spend that much time (14 episodes is a lot unless they're smart and keep her on Earth and we see her via video transmisisons).

Anyway, food for thought and discussion.