February 12th, 2007

McKay-this is cool

More SGA promo shots!

URL: http://sg-atlantis.emedian.net/

We have just released the official Promotion Pictures and now New Atlantis will continue with the additional ones.

The releasing calendar: JOE FLANIGAN (14 images online now at http://sg-atlantis.emedian.net/gl3.2ex.html), TORRI HIGGINSON (07-02-13), RACHEL LUTTRELL (07-02-14), DAVID HEWLETT (07-02-15), JASON MOMOA (07-02-16), PAUL MCGILLION (07-02-17) and ENSEMBLE (07-02-18).

The new pictures are available under the category REPRO EXTRA. A high quality release is not possible at the moment. (PS: You can save/link them now).


Never before seen Episodic Photography for COMMON GROUND has been added to the gallery at http://sg-atlantis.emedian.net/s307.html