April 6th, 2007


Save Carson Beckett, and miscellaneous sundry stuff (jellies, knut, etc.)

Saw the SCB people on the TODAY SHOW this morning (when did this show go to 3 hours?) Anyway, at the 28 minute and 58 minute marks, when Matt Lauer was outside with the crowds, caught glimpses of at least two people there holding up a blue adn white Scottish flag, plus saw part of the banner for "Save Carson" - Beckett never made it on the air, at least not that I caught.

Meanwhile, the press had two more articles:



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David Nykl TV alert - April 7th

Yes, David Nykl stars (okay, part of a supporting cast) in the SciFi channel flick, PTERADACTYL, which is honestly one of their better efforts - you sorta root for the reptilian birds to eat everyone because, as usual, the people can be incredibly stupid.

Saturday, April 7th
SciFi Channel
7:00-9:00 PM ET

Followed the movie KAW about killer ravens, starring Sean Patrick Flannery (aka Orlin from SG1).


SGA FanFic: McKay's Revenge (complete, gen, dark humor)

I wrote a quick piece of Stargate Atlantis fanfiction after hearing the latest casting news/spoilers on season 4 (why they deny this stuff when they put it in magazines is beyond me). So, if you want to avoid ALL spoilers, hmm, don't read, but there are no real spoilers - as everybody does know which person from SG1 is being imported to SGA, right?


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