May 30th, 2007


MediaWest*Con 27 - a short report with pictures

Found on the Yahoo news site today
Ain’t it cute? I’d say he or she but it’s a cicada so who knows? Anyway, sorry I missed them on my recent trip to the Midwest as I saw them in Ohio four years ago and they are sooo cool. There are more shots up on Yahoo’s page under the ‘You Witness’ section.
Okay, onward to MediaWest*Con!! This was the 27th con (I’ve attended virtually all since, well, eons ago) and it’s all fans, although on a few occasions, actors have signed up and attended as fans themselves, which is cool. If only we could get David Hewlett to attend… anyway, attendance ranges from 700 to over 1,000 each year, and it’s just fans talking about the show, watching videos, music videos, fanzines, buying fannish stuff and eating way too much bad food J Met lots of friends whom I’ve known since the PC era (pre-child). Yes, most of us were single, etc. when we started doing the con and now some fans even bring their kids, many of whom are headed toward college soon.

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