June 23rd, 2007


Joe Flanigan- Family Album TV Guide ad from 1994

Yup, in going through old TV Guides, I realized, that's what is in those boxes in the closet. Old TV Guides, back to 1991, so, I IMDBed "Family Album," found the air date and went to the guide and whoa, yup, an ad, and yes, a picture of Joe! (So far havent' found any pictures of him in old Guides 'cept for SGA stuff) Oh, and a scan of a Thoughtcrimes review.

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Stargate SG-1 - review/meta of "Unending" finale

Well, thought about writing this last night but instead fell asleep taping the second showings cuz I HAD to get those SGA ads interspersed in the episodes, plus the great ending they tacked on during the credits of SG1, which I'm sure won't be on the DVD set.

Anyway, to quote Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, "so long and thanks for all the fish." Or videotapes. Yes, boxes of 'em, but I've replaced them with DVDs.

When Skiffy et al announced SG-1's cancellation nearly a year ago, it didn't surprise me as the show has been operating on the 'we'll probably be cancelled' trend since Showtime decided not to pick it up again. So, for, the final episode was sort of a non-event because SG-1 is on TV every day, some days, even 2-4 times!  So it's not like it's going away into a vault like some Disney flick.

However, it what might be considered heinous, it was time to cancel it in order to save it. Yeah, makes no sense, but let me babble ;) Ten years is a long stretch for any fiction-based show. The writers have retreaded their own plots, borrowed liberally from movies (calling them 'homages' but when you know the plot immediately it's more than an homage, cough cough), and at times, it's been, well, gak, dull. If the heroes of the show are ho-hum about intergalactic destruction and death, the audience can get just as blaise about it as well. I felt it was pretty evident that Richard Dean Anderson wanted out as slowly, Jack became 'Pod Jack.' It was like, where was the Jack of the Showtime years? Now we've got somebody who spends half his time cracking lame jokes and not worrying about anything. So when RDA made the final leap and they got Ben Browder, I was thrilled. I always liked Ben as Crichton on Farscape and the show did a new infusion of energy, which Browder (and Claudia Black) certainly provided. HOwever, it still didn't help that the writers were doing two shows at once for the past few years, and both shows suffered accordingly in the writing. Not horribly, but noticeably.

Anyway, back to killing the show being good. Okay, they can wrap up the Ori storyline, which has somewhat bored me as they traded one "worship me as God" villain for another. Also, the writers should be under no constraints to bow to TV/network/Skiffy, etc. censors going "oh no, you can't do that." I mean, they might even utter a swear word (but I don't expect R-rated, as the show plays to all ages) but better, they might actually push forward character development. They don't have to worry that they need to 'reset' so that next week's show is more or less on the same even keel. We can progress! Not so sure about time travel movies.

But back to "Unending." I had no real expectations, so wasn't disappointed. It was good, but not great. The first half was action packed and fun, but the second half, at times, did slog, but that Credence Clearwater song was a neat touch as hey, those songs withstand the test of time (and I don't think they've been used on condiment ads either) ;) The best line of the whole episode was Vala saying "I'm going to go crazy," to Daniel, "and I'm taking you with me." I would have liked to have seen more of what happened during 50 years... I could understand Daniels' yelling at Vala - three months (stress, stress) and she's fooled him enough in the past. I was quite happy to see them get together as a couple (honestly, I can see them more than I can Jack and Sam, who won't get together unless one quits and now Sam is in Pegasus and she really shouldn't have passed up some fun time with Mitchell). Oops, let me get my mind out of the gutter, cough cough.

The finale was predictable, and as with all time dilation/travel/you forget stuff, it was sort of a cheat, cuz nothing really happened, except for Teal'c, but it shows potential for Daniel and Vala down the road. But the end, at least, was happy. I'm glad it didn't end with a cliffhanger, or someone dying, etc. It left the door wide open.

Oh wait, one bitch. THEY KILLED THE ASGARDS?! Oh man, this was like Forbidden Planet all over again. Also, I think that after a decade of Thor's hologram telling Sam that what she didn't wouldn't work, she should have at least once lost her temper and smacked the hologram, or at least tried... Like I said, would have preferred more depth in character development/dialogue in the finale.

I'm looking forward to Atlantis (had more fun with "First Strike" last night than "Unending"). Now that the writers aren't doing double-duty on SG1 and SGA, they should be able to churn out much better scripts, right? I love SGA but it's had its ups and downs (most noteably, episodes like 'The Tower' and 'Irresponsible'). Still not sure about Carter going over to SGA - I do like Weir, and if they had trouble writing for her in command, I'm not sure how they'll fix it with Carter. But, I hope they realize this is all they've got left and can improve on what they've got (and please, do not kill/bump any more characters!)

But in conclusion, SG1 was a wild ride. I loved it in the beginning, not so much toward the end, but overall it was a fun show. Best of all from the show, I met some interesting folks whom I never would have met otherwise, who have become good friends.

SGA - 'First Strike' mini review

Okay, I quite enjoyed this episode... 

One tidbit, not spoilerish. Sheppard tells McKay he once (really, just once) flew a V-22 Osprey. That's a bit chopper, a VTOL (vertical take off and landing) chopper - http://www.navair.navy.mil/v22/ - I keep wondering, hmm, why just once? If you learn to fly one of those.... whoa....

Rest of spoilerish stuff below the cut-----

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