July 4th, 2007

invader zim

July 4th - Review: Transformers, the movie

I've never been to a movie in which Hasbro was listed in the front of the credits. The movie itself had a very simplistic plot, simplistic characters (no angst, no credit card debt, nada) and is definitely geared toward the under 15 age audience.

Transformers was a hoot! Mindless fun. That's all I wanted from the summer movie and got it. Won't spoil the plot, but being off a cartoon, you know the world won't end at the conclusion nor will there be blood all over the streets (although if you realistically counted the damge to occupied office buildings struck by transformers during their fights, and the military disaster at the beginning, the death toll could reach up toward 1,000 but hey, just needless unseen stats in a cartoonish flick).

They had some cube everybody was after, and all I could think of when I saw it was "The Borg! The Borg!" and then there was Glenn Morshower, an actor who played the Sheriff in season one of CSI: Crime scene Investigation (as well as a recurring role on 24) as a military leader at the beginning of the flick. I shallowly decided to watch the flick for a) mindless fun, and b) see how Josh Duhamel from NBC's Las Vegas did in a movie. He has more lines in Las Vegas, I think, but he looks good in uniform. Well, I did say I had shallow reasons for watching.

Favorite character? Mojo. Oh, well, you just gotta see Mojo... and second runner-up, the evil tiny Decepticon (obviously the bad guys just from that name!) that is in the same class as Salacious Crumb from Star Wars and other nasty evil litle creatures of wrongdoing. 

I hadn't read any reviews till after the flick, and they vary from 'great'  to 'awful' and some die-hard Transformers fans are having a fit. Having never seen the cartoons, just ads for them, I couldn't tell if anything was out of whack.

But if you're looking for two hours of mindless, amusing, violent fun, then this is the movie for you.

Meawhile, there was an interesting trailer for a JJ Abrams flick called Bad Robot that aired before the movie. Some folks are having fun at a going-away party and then somebody starts attacking the city (ala any of the destroy-NYC-Dean Devlin flicks like Godzilla, Independence Day, etc.) It looks promising.

New Joe Flanigan images! + Paul McGillion in season 4 SGA

Took long enough ;) Joe Mallozzi posted two images of Joe Flanigan from the season 4 episode "Miller's Crossing" at his blog. There's no spoiler in looking at 'em, as he's in a suit (like a normal person) and it's not on set. So, just purty pictures ;)

Here's one

To see the other photo, visit JM's blog at this entry


both photos are also much larger. Downsized to fit LJ.

And PAUL McGILLION fans should take note: "I spoke to Paul McGillion just before the hiatus kicked off and pitched out what we had in store for him. He was very excited about the story and very much looking forward to coming back."