July 17th, 2007

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Joe Flanigan in TRU CALLING on SciFi, 7/17 at 7:00pm

Already posted this in my TV listings a few days (or was a it a week or so ago?) but anyway, just a reminder that in 20 minutes, Joe Flanigan will be featured in this short-lived paranormal type series.

Then, hopefully at 9:00pm during EUREKA, we'll get that sneak peek on season 4. If so, I'l do a writeup if T-storms don't interrupt .

McKay did it

Stargate Atlantis cast members at Comic-Con, SG1 cast members moving on + SGA season 4

Just snippets from the news

David Hewlett says on his Twitter that "Comicon schedule is getting worked out! Looks like we're going from 26th. to the 29th...Nerd-Party long-weekend San Diego-style." Ah, wish I were going. If you go, report back!! ;) Joe Mallozzi also said on his blog that Jewel Staite may appear at the SGA panel as well. So, David H, Amanda Tapping and possibly Jewel are on board for the panel.

Meanwhile, Ben Browder might be pretty busy. The Chicago Tribune reports that Farscape as mini episodes on the web. Cool. And, he's apparently doing a SciFi miniseries as well called Going Homer: "Here's Sci Fi's description of the project: "Greek and Roman deities walk among us, but only 12 year old Homer Ulysses Jones can see them
for what they truly are. When Homer and his father are forced to flee a custody battle that would likely separate them, they journey from Los Angeles to the home of their ancestors – in Ithaca, N.Y. As they travel through the heart of Americana, Homer's eyes will be opened to a mystical landscape of capricious Gods; some will help our heroes,
some will divert them and others will try to kill them to prevent them from reaching their ultimate goal – home."

Claudia Black will guest star in the NBC series Life and you can read a nifty interview with Claudia at If Magazine.

Meanwhile, U.S. viewers are probably aware that season 4 Stargate Atlantis begins September 28th (probably 9:00pm). Canadians will start seeing it October 1st on The Movie Network, a pay cable station; however, it's hard to tell if ALL of Canada gets it or not. Meanwhile, Movie Central in British Columbia will start showing season 3 repeats, probably 5 days a week. Not fair! And next Friday, according to a friend, "Common Ground" will be on Movie Central, against "Suspicion" on CITY TV.

Ah, commercial's almost over. Back to Joe Flangian on Tru Calling. Gads, this is probably weird to say, but he makes a good looking corpse. ;)