July 18th, 2007


Ack, glad I don't live in New York City

Came home, turned on the TV to see a 'breaking news' story on an explosion in NYC. My brother was watching too and said "steam" immediately. Apparently (it's all speculation right now) an old steam pipe ruptured and kaboom! The steam has finally vented and stopped. At the bottom of hte pretty big crater is a red towtruck, and I can only hope the poor driver's death was instantaneous. :(  [As of this moment, one of 12 taken to the hospital just died from steam burns.] One of the big problems with old pipes (20") and the possibility of a transformer going too, means PCBs and other nasty contaminants, so they're telling people to clear the area, but you watch the news and people are standing there taking photos with their cellphones! Bangs head on keyboard.

Tomorrow's NYC commute is gonna be hell.


Joe Flanigan & David Hewlett shows to tape in next two weeks

Reposting in case anybody hasn't seen these movies/shows yet. :) Oh, times are ET. Check www.titantav.com or www.tv-now.com for finetuning.



Dawson's Creek (ah, crud, this one vanished off the schedule today!]

“Tamara’s Return”

Tamara returns to seal a deal with Mitch; Jack makes a good impression on Joey at an art exhibit; Andie goes through Dawson to learn more about a potential paramour.

Thur  Jul 19  09:00P on The Noggin channel (Nickelodeon offshoot- check your stations)


Dawson's Creek

“Full Moon Rising”

A full moon over Capeside draws Joey to Jack; sets the scene for Pacey and Andie's first date; and tears the Leerys apart. Monica Keena. 60 minutes

Mon  Jul 23  09:00P on The Noggin channel (Nickelodeon offshoot- check your stations)


CSI Miami

“Slow Burn”

Delko and Alexx are nearly burned alive when they investigate the death of a hunter found shot near a supposedly controlled burn in the Everglades. The fire suddenly rages out of control and traps them. Then, another body is discovered, and this time it's a young woman who looks to have been beaten. Sheridan: Joe Flanigan.

Wed  Jul 25 at 8:00P on A&E

Thur  Jul 26 at 12:00A on A&E






Boa vs. Python

A geneticist breeds a boa constrictor to kill a huge python at the urging of a G-man. 120 minutes

Sat  Jul 28  11:00P on SciFi Channel



A white-collar worker turns corporate spy. 100 minutes

Sun  Aug  5  09:35A on Showtime #2

Mon  Aug  6  02:45P on Showtime

Wed  Aug  8  11:00A on Showtime #2

Thu  Aug  9  10:55A on Showtime Beyond

Thu  Aug  9  05:25P on Showtime Beyond
McKay-thumbs down

SciFi channel may have more Stargate Atlantis ads up their sleeves?

Perhaps SciFi channel should consider hiring someone to actually do PR for their shows. Joe Mallozzi said his blog entry today (July 17th) of last night's 'exclusive sneak peek' ... From what I understand, that was the first of several 30 second clips they’ll be running from now until the season premiere.

Soooo..... does Skiffy expect fans to watch their entire schedule?? (I don't know of anybody who could stomach that, from ECW to incredibly bad movies). Or will they give us a hint? As it is, I tape/watch EUREKA, definitely tape DOCTOR WHO, but the rest?? Um... I've basically reached my quota of bad CGI alien bug flicks. Heck, I'll even pass on David Hewlett's BOA VS PYTHON as I got a nice cheap copy on DVD now.

In flicking around various boards and whatnot, while folks seem appreciative of the ad, they weren't keen on the one scene thing. Everybody basically wanted a nice montage of action clips. Now, if Skiffy had said last night... "Now, the first of exclusive sneak peeks..." that would have whetted everyone's appetite. I sorta get the feeing that SciFi is a bit disconnected from the very audience they seek to hold on to....

Stargate Atlantis novel: Casualties of War

Oooh, some good news on the Stargate Atlantis front. An excerpt from the upcoming SGA novel, Casualties of War, by Elizabeth Christensen , can be found at

Here's an excerpt off the page:

Coming September 2007 

After the events of the third-season episodes “Progeny” and “The Real World,” the Atlantis expedition has been forced to accept the fact that the Asuran replicators are gunning for the city. A planet that was once the site of a major battle between the Ancients and the Wraith may hold the key to a weapon capable of defeating this new enemy—but the required energy source is at the heart of a bitter dispute between two societies on the planet. When tensions erupt into hostilities, Colonel Sheppard and Dr. Weir have to decide how far they’re willing to go, both for the planet’s people and for their own…and the mounting losses are pushing John Sheppard ever closer to his limits.

Visit here - http://www.elizabethchristensen.com/cow.htm - for that, plus a link to a nice big fat excerpt which looks very good....