July 26th, 2007


Stargate Atlantis at Comic-Con #05: G4 channel, photos and more

For the uninitiated, Comic-Con is a HUGE (like 100,000+ attendees) annual convention in San Diego which used to be strictly comics, but is now being used by studios to push their products as well. If you read the papers today, you'll find out that TV critics at the annual two-week long Television Critics Association press junket were ticked off when the president of ABC TV said he couldn't tell them the big secret about "Lost," but instead would save it for Comic-Con. After howls of protest, etc. he finally relented and maybe for "Lost" fans it's news.

Anyway, for years, the G4 channel has covered Comic-Con - visit their site to see a whole bunch of stuff already up! But now SciFi (aka Skiffy) is finally going "oh" and reportedly will 'compete head-to-head' with G4. According to Multichannel.com, "SCIFI.com’s coverage allows fans to “virtually attend” the convention through daily news summaries, video coverage, updated photo galleries and more. The channel has five camera crews on site and six reporters positioned throughout the convention. Coverage will include: Live web updates and broadband video uploads throughout each day. Special video coverage of star-studded panels and events featuring SCI FI Channel’s Original Series Battlestar Galactica, Eureka, Flash Gordon, Stargate Atlantis, Who Wants To Be A Superhero?, and the upcoming mini-series Tin Man. Video coverage of selected major panels, as well as exclusive interviews with the panelists of popular programs including Heroes and Bionic Woman. Video responses to fan questions for SCI FI Channel stars. Image galleries direct from the convention floor." Hmm... Now, http://www.multichannel.com/article/CA6463473.html said both channels will start their coverage today. G4 has been ripping ahead with great content on all things scifi, but in checking out Scifi.com, it's just, well, there isn't anything yet. Sigh.... a few bits of news but that's stuff that already hit the press.

Anyway, if you want photos of the con by attendees, check out Flickr  and search for "comic con 2007" and you'll find over a 100 photos already. Last year they had hundreds if not over 1,000 photos from the event. I didn't see it on Flickr, but elsewhere, but the pink and green pastel Darth Vader done in a "Hello Kitty" motif was a scream....
Anyway, some of the photos are incredible! Just the 'wall of Darth' is worth a peek, and hopefully there will be some Stargate content going up soon.

Anyway, I'm gonna follow the TV and press coverage on the convention and post links, etc. to any relevant Stargate Atlantis stuff. Hopefully we'll get it. I sorta think Skiffy is gonna push BSG and their comic book hero show...

P.S. Now this link -  http://www.firstshowing.net/2007/07/26/comic-con-live-paramount-panel-star-trek-indiana-jones-iv-and-more/ - is how SciFi should report back on Stargate. Meanwhile, great tidbits on some movies.

And there's a Comic-Con Twitter now.


Meerkats on Vaporub, Oscar the Grim Reapurr....

And the animal news is weird today!

First, the Daily Mail reports that zookeepers in Hampshire (UK) were introducing new meerkats to their already established brood, but apparently meerkats are a cantankerous bunch and fight, so…. the vet recommended … VapoRub! Yes, smear a little on their noses to confound their sense of smell. It worked. The new meerkats were accepted and they’re getting along famously, and perhaps new little meerkats are in the future. And, just for the heck of it, a collection of five or more meerkats isa mob or a gang.

Meanwhile, the “grim reapurr: the cat that can predict death,” is all over the news today. Oscar the cat was adopted as a kitten and grew up in a dementia unit at the Steere House Nursing and Rehabiliation Centre, where people are treated for Alezheimers, dementia, etc. Anyway, Oscar makes the rounds, just like the medical staff, who soon noticed that the cat would end up sitting with people who died a few hours later. If Oscar decides to sleep with you, you’ve got less than four hours to live. You can read the full story at the Daily Mail or just Google it.
Shep-oh crap

Stargate Atlantis at Comic-Con #06: G4 video snippet at SGA booth

G4 covered the Stargate Atlantis shave your head and have an "A" Atlantis symbol spraypainted on the back. One guy did it and will be walking about for 3-4 days with a bright green "A" on him. Zach Swelyn, who will be playing a bit role in SGA's season 4 episode "Quarantine,"talked briefly with an MGM rep about the booth. It appeared at 8:05, so if you watch this in repeats, it's an hour and five minutes into the broadcast.