August 27th, 2007


Guess the mystery critter! + Meerkats

Win an all-paid trip to Paris? No, wait, you need a passport. Let's settle for Des Moines. Oops, waiting, check change jar. Umm, you'll just have to get a virtual pat on the back if you can guess the mystery critter below... Is it real, or one of those Photoshopped things? Hmmm.....

And just cuz the ad below is sooo cute.

McKay-this is cool

David Hewlett interview -


This talented actor makes his directorial debut with a film he also co-wrote, called A Dog's Breakfast. In the movie, David plays Patrick, a man who takes matters to a new level when he hears of his sister's engagement to a famous lead actor in a hit sci-fi series. We get some great behind the scenes info and I enjoy David's great sense of humor. We also chat about season four of Stargate Atlantis and the addition of Amanda Tapping and Jewel State to the cast. David and I even chat about his appearence in Sanctuary. Special thanks to Brigette and Caroline from Stargate Publicity. A very special thanks to the Sci-Fi Channel. Check out the official A Dog's Breakfast website. Music by Victor Stellar called Space.

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