August 29th, 2007


Stargate Atlantis gets two Gemini Award nominations

Just posting it here so I can find it later. Stargate Atlantis got two Gemini nominations at the 22nd annual Gemini Awards, which is the Canadian version of the US Emmys.


The following season 3 episodes were nominated:

Best Writing in a Dramatic Series

  • Susan Coyne, Bob Martin, Mark McKinney - Slings & Arrows Season III - That Way Madness Lies
  • Martin Gero - Stargate Atlantis: McKay and Mrs. Miller
  • Chris Haddock - Intelligence - Down But Not Out
  • Jesse McKeown - Robson Arms - Season II - Mussolini and Me

David Moses - Robson Arms - Season II – Saultology


Best Visual Effects


  • Peter Evans, Darryl Couch, Chris Darlington, Mike Momberquette, Michael Skiffington, John Vatcher, David Woodrow - Above and Beyond
  • Mohammad Ghorbankarimi, Mike Brown, Lawrence Cymet, Mark Driver, David Hedley, Sam Javanrouh, Filip Kicev, Paul Moyer, Leonardo Silva, Mahvash Tehrani - The Great Canadian Polar Bear Adventure
  • Mark Savela, Tom Brydon, Brenda Campbell, Debora Dunphy, Shannon Gurney, Andrew Karr, Todd Liddiard, Alec McClymont - Stargate Atlantis: No Man's Land


This year’s entry qualifying period is for shows aired between May 1st, 2006 and April 30, 2007.

Global Television will broadcast ET Canada's LIVE Red Carpet Special for the 22nd Annual Gemini Awards ceremony, on location in Regina, Saskatchewan on Sunday, October 28 - followed by the Gala Awards Ceremony on CBC Television.

McKay-this is cool

The latest Stargate Atlantis novel has arrived!

After bailing out my car from car repair hell (the two most dreaded words you can hear are "oil leak"). Ouch, my checkbook is screaming, well, the credit card is...

Anyway, just got home and what's in the mailbox? Casualties of Wars! Yes, the new Stargate Atlantis paperback is now in my grubby little paws, so once I make this post, I'm getting offline to start reading it. :) I also got a lovely two-sided Stargate Atlantis season 3 DVD set/A Dog's Breakfast poster too!!!! It's so neat! I must admit I love the ADB side more as the season 3 DVD cover art is just so weird - action shots with posed shots. Skiffy/MGM needs to hire better talent or let the fans do it for free.

Anyway, running off to read the book. I was going to save it for the weekend but that thought lasted about one minute. Silly, eh??