August 31st, 2007


Season 4 Publicity shots for Stargate Atlantis (from newsletters/magazines)

 Some teensy shots off MGM and NBC newsletters.* Hopefully these will be, can we dare really HOPE?, full page ads in TV Guide or somewhere?? Anyway, this is the same shot you see at the end of some Stargate Atlantis ads somewhere on SciFi's schedule.

This one might be debatable as NBC has severed its contract with iTunes. Ouch.

Another version arrived in the mail (apparently, maybe they're gearing up to promote the show?) (Thanks to Sherry for this one)

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McKay-this is cool

Oooh, Stargate Fan Fiction Award nominations!

I'm sitting there minding my own business, plowing through the ton of email I get from folk, when I see this email that says "Attention Nominees," which I'm ready to dismiss as junk mail that crept through the spam filter, till I see who it came from.

I got nominated?? Whoa! Wow!! Discovered some kind folks nominated the following stories (gen):



McKay's Revenge

Big thanks to the folks who liked my stories :):)

New photos from Stargate Atlantis!

Okay, before you start slobbering away thinking it's Joe Flanigan or David Hewlett or Paul McGillion. Nope. Nada. I found this Flickr account for an actor who has worked on Stargate Atlantis, along with some of his friends.

You can view the shots here:

Although the photos were loaded today, some of these uniforms look like season one. And Todd looks very familiar...