September 3rd, 2007


Stargate Atlantis at Dragon Con #3: Reports from fans + miscellaneous Stargate links

 The links below the cut are all excerpts from various blogs of fans who have attended Dragon Con. I’m also listing a few photos (they’re a bit sparse right now, as the bulk of Dragon Con photos so far are the costumes and the famous parade), plus added in a few miscellaneous Stargate related links, while I’m here ;) 

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Stargate Atlantis at Dragon Con #4: Some reports, more photos of Paul M and Jason M

Okay, found some more reports, but more importantly, more photos! :) The photostream isn't as big as ComicCon (but then that was 20,000  people attending, or some astronomical number like that). Hopefully when folks get home from Dragon Con they'll be posting reports/photos.

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Hot guys

New photos of Joe Flanigan & David Hewlett on location on Stargate Atlantis

 This is just one of the shots Joe Mallozzi posted at his blog at

Looking at the photos really won't spoil you if you're a spoilerhobe. You can just look at the pretty. Here's one of Joe Flangian and David Hewlett from the season 4 episode "Harmony," which was shooting on location in Widgeon Park (British Columbia) last week.

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