September 7th, 2007

McKay did it

David Hewlett update!

David Hewlett news!

First, the baby's due soon. He said "It's [A Dog's Breakfast"] coming out the week the baby's due. I hope both releases go well. Mars [his dog] is already looking nervous." And the baby's gender? "Not a clue. We're strangely old-fashioned that way. Everything else we're as hi-tech as we can go, but we don't want to know until we know." Source: Gateworld

Second, Amy Scott of Canadian Spotlight updated her website late last night: "Well, it looks like I will be able to speak with David before the Tuesday (9/11) air date, which works out supremely well because I was feeling a bit up the creek, if you know what I mean!I talked to a publicist with [Stargate] Atlantis this afternoon by the name of Carol, who was super nice and amazing. And really, the geek in me is amazingly stoked to be able to say that I got a call from 'Atlantis' and brag about it to all of my geek friends, lol.Anyways, I should be able to interview David tomorrow. The publicist told me that he's a 'favorite' of reporters and is really funny and personable and that I'll have to tell him to shut up because he talks so much. In other words, it'll be a fun and interesting interview and not terribly uncomfortable like some others I've had to conduct. ... Anyways... if all goes well tomorrow, I'll be able to interview David and it'll air Tuesday. Canadian Spotlight runs in three segments at 8:20, 8:40 and 8:50. If you're not in our listening area (on the QE2 between Red Deer and Edmonton), feel free to listen online at

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Stargate Atlantis at Dragon Con #8: Lots more links, reports, photos and VIDEOS!

Another good evening of Dragon Con 2007 link-hunting! J Lots of excerpts in the reports and many LJ entries this time were pretty big, so visit the original link for each for more detail. More photos and yes, videos, including the infamous ‘furry’ discussion (as a note, don’t rely on the CSI episode for a factual presentation on the furries, no more than Saturday Night Live did an accurate portrayal of Star Trek fans) ;)

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Shep-oh crap

Stargate Atlantis season 3 DVD video snippets + commercials online

Decided to check out Yahoo TV to see if they had anything new.

now has several video clips from the season 3 Stargate Atlantis DVD set and one from season 2

  1. “First Strike” – clip from near end of episode (1.30 min)
  2. Standoff – clip from capture scene in “Irresponsible” (2.03 min)
  3. Inside Stargate – behind the scenes with the visual effects guys (1.50 min)
  4. “Echoes” – clip from end of episode (1.38 min)
  5. Near miss – clip from beginning of “Sunday” (1.35 min)
  6. Comic Con season 4 trailer (2.15 min)
  7. Season 2 behind the scenes – watch them set up the Elia attacks Sheppard scene from “Instinct” (1.49 min) 

Also, at, has the following SGA offerings


Under Online Exclusives column

  Comic-Con 2007 SGA panel


Under Coming to the SciFi column

  Season 4 ad – Amanda Tapping coming to the show (seen on SciFi channel already). If you click on that, it will bring you to that ad, and highlight the second ad as well


Or straight to either

Weir smile

Correction: Torri Higginson not on CSI: NY, but NCIS

A while ago I reposted info about Torri Higginson doing a guest shot role on CSI: NY, which would have been great. However, today a fan posted at SG1_Spoilme with a correction. 

Torri is actually appearing on CBS' military forensics show, NCIS, and 'there is a good chance that she will have a recurring role on the show.' This clarification come from one of the directors of Torri's current project, Smile of April. The ironic thing is that Jessica Steen, who originally played Dr. Weir in Stargate Atlantis, had a recurring role as Special Agent Paula Cassidy in six episodes of NCIS between 2003-2007. 

And, the movie Smile of April has several Stargate SG-1 alumni: Alex Zahara (in 3 episodes of SG1), Anne Marie Loder (2 episodes SG1), Ryan Robbins (Ladon in SGA), and Dan Payne (Supersoldier). 
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"Landry's brain has been turned to jelly"

I was putzing about on the web, polishing up my Dragon Con links, when that phrase just filtered over from the TV set. DOCTOR WHO had finished and, ugh, FLASH GORDON was running. That line just made me suddenly think, "General Landry on Stargate SG-1 has had his brain turned to jelly?" Then I started thinking.. mint? grape? strawberry?

Smacks self.

Anyway, I'd look up occasionally and well, did anybody ever watch those old 1950's B&W scifi flicks like "Invasion of the Saucermen" and "The Blob" where the teenagers were running around saving the day, but they were played by folks way past college age?? This is what FG is like. But it's like the 1970s remakes of those 1950s movies, which took campy movies and turned them into crappy movies. The lead character of Flash is running around like one of those teenagers, and even dresses like one. Flash just seems like one of those 1970s remakes where they had a limited budget and cut corners here and there to finish the product. On FG, it's the same. I did see the lead actor of FG in another show, guest spot, and he's capable of a lot better, but with the dialogue they give this guy... well, it's a paycheck. Could be worse. Could be a giant cockroach movie.

But...this is the lead-in to Stargate Atlantis in a few weeks??? Ugh....