September 13th, 2007

shep B&W

What this website thinks I should be doing (which I'm not, hmmm)

Snerched (or is it snurched? I've seen two spellings?) ... uh, oh yeah, snerched from somewhere...

So you know that career meme you've all been doing? the one where you do the questionnaire and it comes up with a list of job titles for you?

1. Go to
2. Put in Username: nycareers, Password: landmark.
3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions.
4. Post the top ten results

1. Costume Designer
2. Website Designer
3. Special Effects Technician
4. Sports Psychology Consultant (WTF??)
5. Actor
6. Desktop Publisher
7. Editor
8. Cartoonist/Comic Illustrator
9. Animator
10. Potter