October 19th, 2007


Stargate Atlantis: Jewel State SciFi Video Q&A transcript + screencaps, part 1/3

SciFi Video Q&A with Jewel Staite of Stargate Atlantis


Video can be found at http://video.scifi.com/player/?fid=20030#videoid=169322

Below you’ll find a transcript plus crappy screencaps (eh, I work with what SciFi gives me). There are photos from as yet-unaired episodes, with some spoilers, so intense spoilerphobes should depart NOW. 

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brain eating

Oh, and another Jewel Staite interview

A new Interview with Jewel Staite of Stargate Atlantis (well, duh, that's all I really post about, right? <G>)






“She’s a bit of a scaredy cat. She’s not very good in dire or violent situations. She scares easily, which is not such a good thing when you’re in the world of Atlantis. She’s really great under pressure though. I think that’s when she’s at her best, especially when she’s in her element; anything to do with medicine or a complicated medical situation she’s just there. She’s just on. She’s very, very, very smart and very focused.” That’s Jewel Staite describing her character as she talks to a group of reporters via a phone conference about her brand new role as Dr. Jennifer Keller in the fourth season of Stargate Atlantis which airs on the SCIFI Channel every Friday night at 10 pm.