November 19th, 2007

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Stargate Atlantis: what the actors are appearing in within the next 2 weeks on TV

JOE FLANIGAN has a 6.54 minute clip from InFANity with highlights
And we have to keep an eye out for his appearance on ABC’s “Women’s Murder Club” which will hopefully air soon.
Also check out for details on Joe's PROVIDENCE, which is airing on the Lifetime Real Women's Network (of course, I don't get it, grrrr)
Nov 24 – WHERE THE HEART IS, Oxygen channel, 8:00pm
Nov 25 – WHERE THE HEART IS, Oxygen channel, 5:30pm
Dec 3 – ON THE 2ND DAY OF CHRISTMAS, Lifetime, 12:00pm (he's a larcenous Santa!)
Nov 21 – A DATE WITH DARKNESS: The Trial and Capture of Andrew Luster, Lifetime Movie Network, 11:42AM
Nov 22 – Same movie and channel, 10:57am
Nov 23 – DUE EAST, Lifetime Movie Network, 9:45pm
MICHAEL SHANKS (okay, he's not in SGA but I like him)
Nov 21 – MARY HIGGINS CLARK’S “All Around the Town”, Lifetime, 12:00pm
Dec 93 – OUTER LIMITS, SciFi channel, 2:00pm
Dec 08 – SWARMED, SciFi channel, 3:00am
Nov 21- ENGAGED TO KILL (with Paul McGillion), Lifetime Movie Network, 9:51pm
Nov 22- ENGAGED TO KILL (with Paul McGillioh), Lifetime Movie Network, 2:30pm
Nov 24 – BOOTY CALL, BET, 5:00pm
Dec 03 – OUTER LIMITS, SciFi channel, 12:00pm
McKay-I'm dead

Stargate Atlantis: "Miller's Crossing" - the rewrite! SPOILER caps + irreverant dialogue

 Yes, the WGA strike is still on, leaving fans in the mercilous wake of  other fans who will rewrite dialogue on Stargate Atlantis  (never mind that the dialogue is already written and filmed). So, without further ado, this is what happens when good caps fall into bad hands (insert JAWS music).

Oops, these caps are from the video promo (or TV ad).

Collapse )
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David Nykl and The Beast of Bottomless Lake

The producers of  "Beast of Bottomless Lake," a SciFi flick, have mentioned David in their blog


The really exciting thing was casting the lead role of ‘Paul’ – Keith’s role. Craig and I had not spoken about it at all. Avoided it even. Sub-consciously we were both scared of giving that role away to someone who wasn’t Keith – but it’s not like there was an option if we were to move forward. First person on day one Maureen Webb brought in David Nykl. I had seen him in a stage-play a few years back. I knew that he’d been doing well for himself on Stargate Atlantis, but had never seen him on screen. He owned the role. It was nothing like what Keith would have done. It was exactly what we needed – a strong audition that shook us out of our pre-conceptions. Casting that role could have been a painful experience, but David saved us from that. We dutifully considered the other guys who came in, but David made it easy on us.