November 24th, 2007

due south

Due South Fan Fiction: "Alone", PG-13, gen, complete

This is all kodiak_bear's fault. ;)

Yup, she posted about DUE SOUTH on her LJ and that got me to thinking about that show and fandom, way way back in the last century (okay, 1996 or thereabouts). And I realized, hmm, I wrote fanfic on that. The archive that hosted it is long dead, but fortunately being a packrat has its advantages. Dug up a box of diskettes and came to realize I've got over two dozen stories I could repost and share.

So, posted one and hope to post some each week, but that depends on everything else I still gotta do. All my stories are gen, PG-13 at the most in ratings.

Anyway, here the first:

An apartment building catches on fire, and Fraser suffers an immense loss. Meanwhile, Vecchio must deal with an unusual crime spree.
Drama, angst
Originally written July 1996

Can be found at Wraithfodder's Lair - Due South Section.