December 7th, 2007

shep B&W

What I did today...

* Mailed a package to

kodiak_bear . She has no idea what's in it, so she'll spend the weekend in suspense, wondering if it's something good, or if she should get out the HAZMAT team. Heh heh :)

* It snowed. Yup. I had the day off from work, so lazily slept in til the very late hour of 8:00 a.m., did some planned errands, came home and went, I'll take a nap. A few minutes later, the cat discovered this, pinned me to the bed with his hefty 8 pounds, and I was trapped. When I woke up a couple hours(!) later, went out to get the mail and went, hey, where did this snow come from? Now much, half an inch if that. It'll be gone by tomorrow afternoon. However, the roads are now covered with ice and frozen rain and just a disaster.

* Got poisoned at Pier One. Well, not really poisoned (don't want to get sued). I suffered a reaction to sniffing some of those scented sticks in a jar things (whatever they're called). The cinammon one was nice but I like nah, so didn't buy any. This was last weekend. Anyway, woke up the next day and my nose hurt. The middle of it, like someone had punched me and it was red and a little swollen. Eegads. Anyway, had a regular dr appt for later in the week so figured, I can make it. Took Advil and by today, it was finally down, but got some RhinoCort or whatever. Doc said it was um, er, oh, an adverse reaction or something like that. I should do this to someone in fanfic.... No fun.

* Abused my Dalelk. Yes, I decorated it for Xmas a week or so ago, but something was just lacking. I found more stuff to adorn it with, but will load pictures when I find that perfect thing to stick on top. Oh hmm, I think I know what I'll attach to his head provided I can find a small enough version. Poor Dalek. Fortunately the Dalkek humans-are-abusing-me hotline is down for the holiday vacation ;)

* Found a neat article on the Wall Street Journal about the WGA strike and fans. Yes, fans are mingling with writers. :)

* Plan to stay up WAY late tonight, as Turner Classic Movies is picking up where the SciFi Channel has failed abysmally- it is showing the classic Attack of the Crab Monsters, a glorious gem of B&W horror/mutant radioactive crustaceans flick (in which the Skipper of the Minnow co-stars) that hasn't graced the boob tube in decades. Followed by the equally marvelous Killer Shrews. I mean, dogs in shrew suits and the Sheriff from Dukes of Hazzard (in his young days) make for a rollicking good time. Ends with the Green Slime.  Earlier today tripped over the end of Ride the Wild Surf, a sixties teenybopper fype flick about young guys surfing in Hawaii, starring Fabian (who was a teen idol back then) and Tab Hunter (who came out decades later that he was gay). It was a very corny movie, but I remember seeing it when I was a kid and now I know why it appealed to me so much. Hawaii, water, and lots of good looking guys in tight swim trunks. Made up for the dialogue of two macho surfers waiting to catch the waves going "You're an idiot!" "Yeah, sez you!"  Oy.I shall confess that I own several records of surfer music from the sixties as well, that stuff was and is still pretty cool. Yeah, the Ventures were neat. Still have their LP and just took a look, gee, I fogot that Bruce Willis made an LP too. Ah, probably belongs on a "Golden Throats" album along with Phillip Michael Thomas (Tubbs from NBC's Miami Vice).


shep B&W

Kavan Smith alert!

Kavan Smith is in the Xmas movie, EVE'S CHRISTMAS, which is showing tonight (9-11pm ET) on Lifetime Network. He's in the beginning. Now, um, er, cough, eegads, the hair! It's slicked back and that awful fake beach blonde. What sucks is that this no doubt schmaltzy flick is against Miller's Crossing and the new This Mortal Coil episodes of Stargate Atlantis.

But! It repeats!

Facing another lonely holiday, a successful but overworked businesswoman (Elisa Donovan) wonders what might have been if she had gone through with a Christmas Day wedding to her home-town sweetheart 12 years ago. Scott: Sebastian Spence. Diane: Cheryl Ladd. William: Winston Rekert. Bother James: Peter Williams. Directed by Timothy Bond.

Lifetime network
12/12 at 2:00pm
12/16 at 5:00pm

Oh, Kavan is her big city boyfriend type from what I saw.

And here are the rest of the Xmasy movies with Atlantis folk in 'em.

UNDER THE MISTLETOE with Jamie Ray Newman and Michael Shanks
A woman becomes the center of attention after she unwittingly enters a dating contest on a radio station.
Dec 15 – 5:00 PM
Dec 21 – 9:00 PM

THE SECOND DAY OF CHRISTMASDavid Hewlett plays a larcenous Santa
A woman and her niece are caught picking pockets in a department store on Christmas Eve.
Dec 9 – 1:00 PM
Dec 18 – 9:00 PM

EVE’s CHRISTMAS Kavan Smith, among some other SG1 guest stars
A wealthy and successful career woman gets a second chance in life when a magical wish transports her back in time eight years to when she walked away from her fiance to lead a business life in New York.
Dec 7 – 9:00 PM
Dec 12 – 2:00 PM
Dec 16 – 5:00 PM
shep B&W

Joe Flanigan was in tonight's "Women's Murder Club"

Joe Flanigan appeared at the very, very end of tonight's ABC show "Women's Murder Club," where he shows up as an FBI agent, complete in a suit :)  Don't know about timeshifts and such, but west coast folk may still have a chance to catch, but he's literally at the end of the episode entitled "To Drag & To Hold." Can someone capture it and stick it on YouTube?

CORRECTION: I wrote Ladiles, not Women's. Show's how much I watch it. Oops.