January 25th, 2008


Stargate Atlantis: Amanda Tapping SciFi Q&A transcript + screencaps, 3/3

hopefAnd I guess SciFi is going to give us 3 Q&As for each actor on Stargate Atlantis. Below you'll find part 3 of the Amanda Tapping Q&A, which is available at a video at SciFi

Below you'll find nearly three dozen screencaps plus a complete transcript. Enjoy! Oh, there is a clip from the unaired episode TRIO which could be considered spoilerish.

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shep B&W


Alas, a lot of us watched EXTRA tonight for the Stargate Atlantis segment, but it was probably bumped/removed in order to accommodate the increased coverage of Heath Ledger's unfortunate death.

No idea if or when it will air, as it was on this particular episode.