January 30th, 2008

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Pegasus 3 Links Compilation #1: Stargate Atlantis-Higginson, McGillion, Kavan, Andee, Marshall

A fan (sorry, can’t remember who!) asked to do this, so here is a compilation of fan links for the Pegasus 3 convention which took place in London (UK) the weekend of January 26th. Paul McGillion (Carson Beckett), Kavan Smith (Major Lorne), Torri Higginson (Elizabeth Weir), Dean Marshall (Sgt. Bates) and Andee Frizzell (assorted nasty Wraith queens) were the Stargate Atlantis guests. Alas, Kate Hewlett (Jeannie McKay) had to bow – she had a movie role!

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Weir smile

Stargate Atlantis: Transcript of Torri Higginson's chat at www.dtrn.co.uk

This is a quick partial transcript of Torri Higginson’s live interview on January 30th at http://www.dtrn.co.uk/, which will probably be available for download on January 31st. Torri sounded wonderful. Now I can see why fans enthuse so much about her. She talks about how she got into acting, Stargate Atlantis, and how she found out Weir was leaving the show...


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