February 3rd, 2008


Spoiler Caps + Irrerevent Dialogue from Stargate Atlantis "TRIO" episode


We’ve got several days to kill before the Stargate Atlantis episode TRIO airs, so take a sneak peek at the original script for this daringly originally script. Really. Would I lie to you? Oh, photos contain spoilers, so you’re warned…

A teaser for the excitement ahead! But the description leaves out the spoilerish details ;)

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Stupid is as Stupid Does

Quoted from Forrest Gump...Anyway, since it's Superbowl Sunday and the teeming sports-addicted masses are prepping artery-clogging dips and pizzas in preparation for the hours long incredibly boring sports game (punctuated by what people hope will be cute ads, but they'll all be online tomorrow), I turned on the tube and trippepd over Spike's TV's "Most Dangerous Videos" or whatever. Seems animal attacks are the topic this time. I must admit I've seen the deer beating the crap out of the hunter video numerous times, and I just watch that and go 'well, self-defense!. I'd beat the crap out of someone trying to shoot me too! And then are (in my book) the idiot bullfighters. Sorry, ti's a cruel unnecessary sport that torments animals before they killed, so when a bull gores some guy in tights, it's hard to feel sorry for him. If you torment/inflict pain on any animal, even a mouse, it's gonna strike back. However, the poor woman sitting in the bar minding her business didn't expect to get attacked by a rabid fox (and they caught the fox on security cameras chasing her around inside).

And then I saw on the news yesterday, a retro video that apparently has millions of hits on YouTube. It was when a whale died and beached, and they decided unwisely to blow it up (this was decades ago). So they packed something like 20 crates or whatever of explosives on one side, figuring they'll blow it out to seas. Ooops. Kaboom! Seconds later, HUGE chunks of whale blubber are raining down - on the cars parked hundreds of yards away. After one car was CRUSHED by the blubber, it's been henceforth decided that blowing up whale carcasses is not a bright idea. or that you should leave such a job to the Department of Transporation(?!).

In fact, here's just one video of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Vmnq5dBF7Y - in case the superbowl gets dull, or the ads just fizzle... ;)

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Superbowl ads!

Wow, AOL has 'em up already. Foolish me is watching the game, well, not watching. Waiting for ads. Anyway, there was a really really cute one with a squirrel. It goes to collect an acorn off the road, then a car speeds toward it. Squirrel turns and SCREAMS! Oh, you gotta watch it!


And check out the FED EX pigeons in the first quarter, and LIFE WATER with the dancing lizards. :)