February 9th, 2008


Stargate Atlantis: "Midway" Irrerevant Dialogue + Screencaps, part 1/2


Yes, it’s that time again for another look an episode of Stargate Atlantis that has yet to air ("Midway" on February 15th), but again, the script has fallen into my hands so I have rewritten in to fit into LiveJournal format. I’ve taken a few * cough * liberties, but you’ll find  the basic intent of the plot intact. SPOILER images used, so if you’re avoiding spoilers, avoid reading.


Disclaimer: Not responsible for destruction of keyboards or pets during reading of this dramatic rendering…. ;)




The much anticipated, ballyhooed, advertised-way-beyond-normal-budget Stargate/ECW crossover that everybody screamed for (oh, you didn’t get the email from SciFi? Too bad).


Special guest star: "Ralph"


PART 1 of 2

The hero of our piece! Stalwartly, manly Ronon Dex, man of many strengths, plus really cool dreads that take a heckuva lot of hair products to keep looking good (and to keep his hidden knives from rusting).

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