February 14th, 2008


Joe Flanigan at VES Awards

 Stargate Atlantis was nominated at the 6th Annual Visual Effects Society VES)  Awards, held this past Sunday. Although they didn't win in the best visual effects in a broadcast show category, Joe Flanigan was threre. Picture of Mr. & Mrs. Flanigan below the cut :)

Here's a tiny shot.

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Hot guys

Joe Flanigan + David Hewlett

 Ah, Joe Flanigan fans should drop on over to http://jeninason.blogspot.com/'s blog, the February 14th entry, for a shot of Mr. Flanigan in a spacesuit (Adrift, right? I always get that and Lifeline confused) sitting there, reading the New York Times. It just looks so funny. So, toodle on over there and ooh and ah (they're nice large photos) and if you feel so inclined, leave a thank you note in the comments section ;)

Plus, she alerts us fans that the EXTRA Stargate Atlantis interviews (which average just under five minutes) will be uploaded....

February 21st - David Hewlett's video
March 6th - Joe Flanigan's video

Ah, 3 weeks till Joe's airs!!