February 19th, 2008


Ask Paul McGillion a question! (today only)

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Here’s another thing a little different: Paul McGilion interview

Posted in February 19th, 2008 by Craig in Journalism24 hours from the time of posting this I’m interviewing Paul McGillion of Stargate: Atlantis fame.

I have a chunk of questions for him, but here’s one in an experimental vein: anyone else got a question for him?

(doing this as a journo experiment to follow on from that of the Iain-Banks-a-Rama)

Post ‘em below and let’s see what turns up. No promises, no guarantees but we’ll see…

............So, visit the site and fill out the box :)

McKay-this is cool

Stargate Atlantis: more droolable promo images from season 4

Guh, drool....

Jeni has posted two more delectable shots from Stargate Atlantis. The first is Ronon and Weir from the beginning of season 4, and a behind-the-scenes filming a scene shot of Sheppard with guacamole dip all over his face, oh wait, he's turning into a Wraith mutant, I digress, being a bit hostile with poor Teyla.

Piccies below the cut for size. Be sure to visit the link above for the BIG pictures of both these images.

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shep B&W

Stargate Atlantis Fanfic: "If Wishes Were..." (A "Midway" tag, PG, gen)

And here is my version of how Sheppard managed to get to the spacesuit and into the spacesuit, despite the lack of oxygen... 

TITLE: If Wishes Were...
AUTHOR: Wraithfodder
SEASON: Season 4
WARNINGS: PG, gen, a few swear words. Oh, don't eat while reading this.
DISCLAIMER: Stargate Atlantis characters belong to MGM, SciFi, and all those corporate copyholders. The story, dialogue, etc. are mine, mine, all mine! (to quote Daffy Duck). Feel free to link to story but do not copy elsewhere.

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